Bauer Poly Tankers

BAUER polyester tankers are available

in two basic specifications:

BAUER pump tankers

Equipped with the eccentric rotor pump of strong, efficient


BAUER turbo spreader tankers

equipped with the strong „ Magnum“

knife cutting pump

Big advantages:

Pumping capacity of 4,000 l/min

at a pressure of 6 bar

BAUER polyester tankers

with a capacities of 10,500

to 24,000 liters.


BAUER tank hand made

The special heart shape design of the tank – which is responsible for

the low center of gravity – only can be made by means of the so-called

„ hand-laminating procedure“ . This time-consuming method, however,

surpasses automatic manufacturing procedures by far in quality as it

allows walls to be manufactured in different thicknesses. Thicker wall

construction of supporting parts and reinforced wheel arches. Thinner

upper section, ensures a high stability and low weight.