Engine Driven Pump

Spreadwise packaged pump stations are designed to utilise the full potential of a high performance pump, combined with the flexibility of a self-contained pumping unit.


By combining either the latest Iveco diesel power units, with a range of close coupled or gearbox driven pumps Spreadwise can provide the ideal pump / engine combination for your requirements.


Each pump unit is designed and built to meet your specific pumping requirements, whether you are an agricultural user or sewage sludge contractor.


With pump options from Bauer, Ferrari, and Doda we can we can carefully match your pump  specification to your requirements


Pump controls range from basic key start control panels with engine protection; basic remote control link, full two way radio telemetry, or remote GSM control and monitoring.


The Spreadwise 990 series telemetry link provides the user with reliable one man pumping capability, with full control from the spreader tractor seat from over 3km range.  The telemetry link allows remote start and stop of the pump, increase and decrease of pump speed, and selection between pumping to line or pumping back to holding tank or lagoon.  The 990 series telemetry give full engine status feedback to the remote use, and is adaptable to users specific requirements

Spreadwise quiet pack units add the benefit of 70 dB sound level, to allow the operation of pumping units in situations where excessive noise may otherwise restrict the use of conventional units.  These units are built on integral fuel tanks, with CE certified acoustic canopies, with the full range of Spreadwise control options.


  • Latest fuel efficient Iveco engines
  • Choice of pumps to suit required duty
  • Static or mobile units
  • PN16 actuated divert valves
  • Latest Hi Specification Telemetry

Hydraulic Slurry Mixer

Spreadwise Hydraulic Slurry Mixer

Mounted on Pallet Tines or Brackets
Oil Flow 60 ltrs/min
35hp Motor
Fully Galvanised
Built to Specification

Bauer Pumps SX1000

After 20 years experience in the umbilical field we at spreadwise recommend the use of the Bauer Magnum SX pumps for the large scale farmer and contractor. Because of its long service life pumping efficiency and unsurpassed fuel economy. The large diameter im[eller allows a high output at lower input revs.

The proven Bauer mechanical seal ensures long and trouble free operation.

The pumps comes as standard with Bauer auto primer, 6 meter suction hose, shear bolt protected PTO shaft all mounted on a rugged Spreadwise galvanized stand.

Ferrari Pumps

FRT 94/40
A superior performing pump

Over 50 years of experience
Dirty water or slurry
High performance/efficiency
Economical maintenance
Hydraulic primer
Galvanised pump frame
Two bladed chopper

Now available with 6 blade impeller

Vogelsang lobe Pumps

Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are available in many versions and sizes, for capacities up to 1,000 cubic meters per hour and pressures of up to 16 bar and with a variety of lobe materials for a wide range of media, from highly viscous to containing foreign matter