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Slim LINE Dribble Bar

Spreadwise umbilical systems have been designed to give ease of use, and maximum utilisation of slurry on grassland and cereals.

Slimline applicators are designed to allow the transport of both applicator and hose reelers on a single linkage. The applicator is mounted on a heavy duty three point linkage, and combines a rear mounted male A-frame to allow any of the Spreadwise A-frame mounted reelers to be carried for transport and hose deployment.
When combined with a front linkage this allows a complete system to be carried on a single tractor.

Slimline Dribble bars are available in either 6mtr, 8mtr and 12mtr working widths.

Vogelsang Dribble Bar

Efficient and flexible spreading:

Vogelsang spreading technology enables maximum working widths and uniform fertilisation, no matter what the weather conditions and even among growing crops.

Sturdy frame structures measuring from 12 to 36 metres or up to 24 metres for umbilical applications, intelligent part width section management, optimum hose layout and precision distribution have been ensuring the success of agricultural operations and contractors for more than 30 years.

Compatible and configurable:
The Dribble Hose systems fit almost any vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer, tank size, tyres, materials and pump system. 


The Vogelsang 24m Backpack dribble bar allows accurate application of digestate, or slurry to grassland and arable crops with the minimum of crop disturbance.​


A Vogelsang Exacut macerator minimises the risk of blockages and ensures even distribution of slurry across the width of the boom.

Fitted with twin Exacut macerators, and with Vogelsangs unique hose layout to ensure the highest possible accuracy.  With 30 years experience in liquid slurry application the Backpack 24 will give reliable, consistent and trouble free service to both livestock and anaerobic digestion enterprises.

Features of 24m Backpack

  • maximum spreading accuracy thanks to double symmetrical hose layout

  • transport position behind the tractor

  • remote releasing and folding of booms

  • installation with 3-point fitting

  • stable supporting frame tolerates large traction forces

  • even spraying distance between discharge lines ensures optimum growth

  • no additional power needed for tractor

  • EasyPack pre-installation

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Dribble Bar

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