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Dribble bar


Umbilical Slim LINE Dribble Bar

Spreadwise umbilical systems have been designed to give ease of use, and maximum utilisation of slurry on grassland and cereals.

Slimline applicators are designed to allow the transport of both applicator and hose reelers on a single linkage. The applicator is mounted on a heavy duty three point linkage, and combines a rear mounted male A-frame to allow any of the Spreadwise A-frame mounted reelers to be carried for transport and hose deployment.
When combined with a front linkage this allows a complete system to be carried on a single tractor.

Slimline Dribble bars are available in either 6mtr, 8mtr and 12mtr working widths.

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Tanker Dribble Bar

Due to demand from our customers, we have developed the Spreadwise Tanker Dribble Bar. This is available in 6mtr, 8mtr and 12mtr widths and takes inspiration from the same robust design of our umbilical tractor version.

The dribble bar is connected to the tanker via 'A' frame. A purpose built rear door is built to suit your tanker to enable the easy lift on and off of your dribble bar. The rear door is included within the sale price. Other connection methods are available if preferred.
Much like the umbilical version, Spreadwise use the reliable Vogelsang macerator to ensure effective chopping and distribution of slurry across the spreading boom.

Any questions about our dribble bars, get in touch with our team for more information!

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12mtr Twin Macerator Dribble Bar

The twin macerator dribble bars are becoming very popular within the industry. They allow the user to not only achieve higher flow rates, but also improve the distribution of slurry throughout the spreading boom.

The fully hydraulic machine, comes with a wireless remote control to allow cable free usage between implement and cab.
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