Layflat Drag Hose

Gollmer & Hummel

PU Layflat is relatively lightweight, tough, easy to reel and transport, fast to deploy and retrieve and critically, easy to drag.


It is suitable for all types of slurry, sludge and dirty water applications.

Gollmer and Hummel Layflat hose is designed and manufactured in Germany to exceed standards for the tough conditions that umbilical slurry hose has to withstand.


Its composites deliver long hose life, maximum resistance to chemicals and aggressive organic compounds found in slurry, high scuff resistance, and offer protection against ozone and UV degradation. 

The hose is produced by circular weaving of a super-strong jacket from polyester fibres, giving extremely high tensile strength and pressure containment capabilities. The jacket then has polyurethane extruded through it, in one process to create a one-piece hose. This process eliminates the risk of delamination inherent in multi-layer hoses and provides superior hose integrity. 


Spreadwise is proud suppliers of Snap-Tite PU (polyurethane) layflat hoses.
Built to last, the jacket is extruded with thru-the-weave polyurethane for great strength and long-lasting performance.  With a large range of hose types available, we can supply a product capable of withstanding exposure to abrasive slurry, most hydrocarbons, gasoline, oils, alkalis and grease with no effect on performance.
Factor in its portability, easy storage and long service life and it’s clear to see why Snap-Tite layflat hose is the go to hose for many farmers and contractors.


Suitable for all types of slurry, sludge and dirty water applications.

The hose is available in 4", 4.5" and 5" diameters.

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