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Extra Equipment



Our road ramps are available for use with 4" or 5" hose and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.
At the heart of the heavy- duty, steel-constructed ramp lies a transit tube into which dry layflat hose can be easily threaded via a top slot to safeguard it against traffic at any crossing point. The tube's eliptical shape means it can stand only 10 cm (4 inches) proud of the road or track surface. The run-up ramps and tube provide sufficient strength to withstand transit by 40-tonne artic lorries while minimising disruption and bounce to those vehicles.
The transit tube comfortably accommodates 4" and 5" diameter hose. The ramp plates themselves are 100 cm long and come as either a full 3mtr width run or two 1mtr runs for each wheel leaving a gap in between.

Each set of Ramps can be ordered per meter to your own requirements.


The Spreadwise 'A' Frame - Cat 2

Simple and straight forward, a key element in every operation.

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