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After 20 years experience in the slurry handling and umbilical field, we at Spreadwise recommend the use of the Bauer Magnum SX pumps for the large scale farmer and contractor. Because of its long service life pumping efficiency and unsurpassed fuel economy. The large diameter impeller allows a high output at lower input revs.

The proven Bauer mechanical seal ensures long and trouble free operation.

The pumps comes as standard with Bauer auto primer, 6 meter suction hose, shear bolt protected PTO shaft all mounted on a rugged Spreadwise galvanized stand.
Bauer Pumps

Ferrari 94/40

The Ferrari FRT 94/40 pump is a superior performing pump.

With over 50 years of experience, the Ferrari FRT 94/40 can pump Dirty water or slurry. High performance pump with economical maintenance and a high efficiency rating.

The FRT 94/40 has a hydraulic primer, or a Pto-belt, and a galvanised pump frame. This model is a two bladed chopper and is the perfect solution for many slurry handling requirements.

Ferrari Pump

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