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Compact Reelers

Compact Hose Reelers - Available in 3 sizes, 600 / 800 / 1000mtr

Our Compact Reelers are designed for use with either front or rear mounted linkages to give convenient, compact and cost effective hose handling. Heavy duty 'A' frame mounting for quick and easy pick up and demount. Highly manoeuvrable on front linkage for use in confined spaces.

• Galvanised frame with integral A frame pickup, and reinforced headstock.

• Heavy duty drum centre with reinforced hose inserts.

• High torque hydraulic drive with cross line relief valve

• Suitable for hoses up to 5"

• Compatible with SlimLine applicators

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Industrial Reelers

Industrial Hose Reelers - Available in 4 sizes, 1000 / 1200 / 1400 / 1600mtr.

Our Industrial Reelers features a unique individual drive system allowing each hose spool to be operated independently, reducing the load on the drive mechanism and allowing precise control of hose layout and retraction.

Reeler chassis in heavy gauge box section, with fully galvanised hose reels for long durable life. Chain driven with 11kW drive motor, speed control valve and emergency shut off bar. 

Industrial 5: 5x 200m, Industrial 6: 6x 200m, Industrial 7: 7x 200m, Industrial 8: 8x 200m.

Industrial Reeler Benefits:

  • Rapid hose layout and retrieval

  • Infinitely variable control of hose recovery

  • Instant stop safety shut off

  • Individual galvanised reels

  • Linkage mounted for minimum ground damage

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Trailed Reelers

Spreadwise trailed reelers are designed to take the hard work out of transporting and handling large quantities of hose, which includes hose laying and retrieval.

Developed over many years to give long and reliable operation, trailed reelers give you the features you need combined with heavy duty construction, and powerful hydraulic drive.


Trailed reelers feature high performance hydraulic drive, with cross line relief protection, and proportional control valves to give maximum efficiency, and long maintenance-free service life.

Fully galvanised for long service life, with hi torque planter gear drive.

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