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Slurry Separation


Bauer 655 & 855 Separator

Economical use of existing resources with up to date technologies.
Farms with high animal concentrations are faced with great problems due to the large amounts of slurry. 


This applies particularly to farms with a high stock per unit of area. Existing legal requirements aggravate the situation.

For this reason, slurry must be treated adequately. Customary slurry treatment systems are time consuming, labor intensive and require enormous investments, too.

Solids re-used for bedding and liquid fraction re-used for flushing. The Bauer separator converts slurry into a valuable fertilizer. Fully automatic separation that means splitting up slurry into a liquid and a solid fraction – offers great advantages.

The thin slurry remaining can be distributed any time without any sophisticated homogenizing techniques. The odorless solid fraction is easy to store without any problems.  

High-precision components, Constantly high throughput, Low wear costs due to long service life. Easy adjustment and low maintenance. 5.5kw Motor with heavy duty gearbox, with patented floating screen technology. Throughput up to 25 m3/hr. Dry matter content up to 30% and is suitable for medium size dairy units or small pig units.

FAN 1.2-780 Separator

Founded in 1986 FAN Separator GmbH developed the first press screw separators, including the patented full floating screen technology employed in all FAN and Bauer PSS separators.


As part of the Bauer Group FAN Separator has continued to develop its PSS products to become the market leader in separation technology worldwide. Combined with Spreadwise pump and control systems FAN gives the ultimate in separation.

FAN press screw separators offer a wide range of specifications and options to allow installation in a wide range of  applications:

  • Livestock Slurries

  • Green Bedding production

  • Pulp & Paper industry

  • Food Processing

  • Biogas / Anerobic Digestion

  • Abattoirs and Meat

  • Processing


FAN Green Bedding

Green Bedding is the use of Separated Undigested Fibre from livestock manure, directly from a separator, as a bedding material for dairy cow cubicles.

Green Bedding was first used by Cornell University in the early 90's and now widely used in the US and Europe.  FAN Green Bedding machines have been in use in the UK for over 12 months.

Developments in FAN PSS separator technology have produced a separator specifically designed to to provide a consistent dry matter percentage of at least 36% whilst maintaining a reliable and highly efficient separation.

When combined with Bauer CSP submersible pump technology and high efficiency mixers Spreadwise are able to put together a highly efficient bedding production system to provide the ultimate in cow comfort.


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