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Engine Driven Pump Sets


Engine Pump Set

Engine drive systems are becoming increasingly popular amongst farmers and contractors as it removes the need for a tractor to run a pump and in most cases the operator as well. With an engine driving the pump you avoid costly tractor depreciation from pumping hours and reduced fuel consumption which adds to the comparative cost saving.


The Spreadwise engine drive systems have been designed with the end user in mind and is available with multiple options and upgrades.


Two engine sizes are available with the choice of either 125hp or 175hp along with the option of either the Ferrari 94/40 or BAUER SX2000 pumps. Remote compressor activation and control, flow meter and monitoring, independant actuated valves and various other optional extras.


Where the pump sets come into their own is their remote capabilities. Remote control systems enable the operator to fully control the engine and flow from within the tractor cab up to 5km away.

There are two options are available for engine control:


Remote: Simple and easy to understand giving you complete in cab control of your engine. This will give you complete RPM throttle control and read out along with control over the 3 way actuated valve for switching between lagoon and field. If a flow meter is included the flow will also appear on the in cab screen.  


Remote +: Fully interactive and actual in time engine readings. All displayed on a 7” colour screen mounted in your tractor cab. Again, including full throttle control, flow, pressure sensor, actuated valve, engine status information and the ability to remotely control your compressor.


At Spreadwise we pride ourselves in our customer service and we appreciate that sometimes the product might not suit your exact requirements. Which is why we are always happy to discuss your requirements and build to order. Let us know your thoughts and we will work with you!

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